argstein_banner - Framed


Welcome to 19th-century Germany,
where creatures roam the forest, and
only the fist and the rifle of the Förster
stand between the murderous monsters
and the human denizens of
the Argstein valley.

Welcome to an
exciting fantasy comic book
from Josef Rother and
Eckart Breitschuh!


ARGSTEIN People are not to Eat [Big Lettering]

“Hellboy in Lederhosen!”
Jan Dinter, Zwerchfell Comics

“Imagine Marvel Comics doing the Brothers Grimm.”
Steve Pugh, Hotwire

“As crazy as a box of frogs!”
David Lloyd, Aces Weekly

“Reading Argstein is like journeying through your own private
enchanted forest – though not the kind of enchantment that leads
to happily ever after – unless your idea of happily ever after is
dark, twisted, and morbidly humorous. Best of all, it makes me
feel like a kid again – reading something my parents would
definitely not approve of!”
Robert Tinnell, Flesh and Blood

“Highly addictive. You can’t tear yourself lose until you get to
the last page. And then you pick up the next Argstein book.”
Dawn Reshen-Doty, For Beginners Books